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About Us
MODROK.com is an extension to the MODROK Facebook page that has grown significantly since its inception in Decemeber 2016.

The site was created to help our members easily find the answers they need about mods to their ROKS and to share the knowledge amongst the community.

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V6 Specific Mods

Now the much anticipated V6 Amarok is out, it's MODROK time.

The V6 has some slight differences to its predecessor. Apart from the obvious engine size increase, the V6 can be tuned for even more power.

The results are incredible See the article for a full run down.

Visit the V6 Area

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    Intercoolers Gauges to keep your enging running cool
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    Stage 2, Stage 3? We bust the myths.
  • Intercoolers
    Better running temp for your ROK
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    Get the best performance and note with ROK specific system
How To's
Here you will find step by step instructions mods for your ROK.

DISCLAIMER: MODROK©, MODROK.com.au and its owners and members will not be held liable for any damage to your vehicle as a result of suggestions found on this website. Approach any modification to your vehicle with due dilligence, extreme care and ensure you comply with state laws. If you love your ROK as much as we do, look after it! This website will help you make informed decisions. If in doubt, post a question on our Facebook page, or consult a reputable diesel mechanic for help.

3 Deadly Sins PDF
All about wheels and tyres PDF
Rear taillight mod FB link
Bull Bars PDF
Catch Cans PDF
Fuel Filters PDF
Interface plugs PDF
Intercoolers PDF
Trailer Plug relocation PDF
Snorkels PDF
Suspension & Body Lifts PDF}
Exhaust Systems PDF
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